The Platform | Novusbet

The Platform

Novusbet cutting-edge betting platform will allow you to provide the most advanced and intuitive betting suite to your players.

The Platform | Novusbet

Proprietary odds

Thanks to our strong algorithms, Novusbet is able to calculate more than 2,000 odds types with more than 4,000 outcomes and easily modify them just by inserting the main values.

Novusbet is innovation | Novusbet

Novusbet is innovation

You will be able to manage your sportsbook offer extensively and keep the risk balanced.

Risk Management 24/7 | Novusbet

Risk Management 24/7

The platform is equipped with both an automatic and manual risk management system, which is able to check liability in real time and receive alerts and notifications about possible dangerous bets. The system offers advanced reporting tools in order to always help you reduce the level of risk.

Commission Engine | Novusbet

Commission Engine

The platform is able to provide a multi-level hierarchy, giving you the possibility of creating the desired structure. In addition, you will be able to assign a commission template that will be processed by our engine to pay and deposit it directly into the agent account. There is also a manual functionality available.

Fast Market | Novusbet

Fast Market

Available on live betting, Fast Market will allow players to place bets every 5, 10, 15 minutes, with an immediate bet settlement.

Flexible Payment Gateway | Novusbet

Flexible Payment Gateway

Our Extended Payment system enables us to easily integrate, directly or through third parties, a payment provider solution and connect it into the platform. Giving the possibility to set limits, currency payment options, based on your players and their profiles.

Turnkey solution

A complete and customisable omni-channel solution.

Turnkey solution | Novusbet

Our multicurrency and multilingual turnkey solution includes a fully customisable layout design and hosting management. It also features a dedicated technical organised channel, flexible payment gateway, widget management with real-time change on front-end, multilevel network with advanced hierarchy optimisation, and automatic and manual commission engine for desktop, mobile and retail.

Turnkey Service | Novusbet

Turnkey Service

Novusbet turnkey solution will help you build your business, providing a full range of highly competitive services. A strong team and the latest technology will assist you to provide seamless solutions adaptable in every new or already-running business.

Multiple Betting Offers | Novusbet

Multiple Betting Offers

A wide offer of multiple games and sports for your players to bet on! An amazing sportsbook with an offer of up to 80,000 monthly pre-match and live betting events. Plus, more than 500 Casino Games, Lottery, Live Horse Racing, Virtual Sports.

All in one solution!

Omni-Channel Solution | Novusbet

Omni-Channel Solution

The Omni-Channel Solution provides a complete experience across all channels, desktop, mobile and retail, making your customers enjoy your website on every existing device while you manage their profiles from a single account.

Turnkey solution | Novusbet