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Football Cup 2022: Kick off your revenues

With the World’s Biggest Sporting event almost here, the countdown is on and all betting operators are gearing up. Discover how to prepare your Sportsbook to make the most out of this fiercely competitive market and stand out with our all-in-one solutions and NovusCore innovations.

Four years have passed, the World Cup is back and people are more excited than ever… This year’s tournament promises to be unique in so many ways. Held in Qatar, this will be the first Cup to take place in November and millions of fans are eager to support and bet on their teams. The competition has been reduced to 28 days, resulting in more games, more action, and more emotions in a shorter time frame. However, national leagues will be overlapped, and other sports betting competitions will be at their highest, meaning operators will need to be well-prepared to make the most out of this fiercely competitive market. Get our solutions and stand out of the crowd.

The World Cup Essentials

An utmost quality Sportsbook will be decisive in the betting industry for this World Cup, and our solutions have been designed to engage and retain players even after one of the most watched events across the globe.

Before the competition kicks off, it is important to personalise content, adapt offerings and tailor them to players’ preferences; our flexibility helps operators in this merciless contest to easily move widgets and change elements of their website. Besides, ensuring a solid team on the bench will solve any technical problems and save your players from missing out on the action of their most awaited event; we offer 24/7 support to safeguard our operators.

This World Cup is also the perfect moment to create loyalty, as most of the customers feel more predisposed to try new things while they wait for their favourite team to play. Secure them by offering a wide range of betting opportunities – such as our all-in-one solution with additional products totally for free in one setup.

A winning Sportsbook

Customers frequently ask where the data feed comes from, highlighting the importance of good and reliable odds. Novusbet’s sportsbook is a powerful, cost-effective betting solution, and one of the main reasons for its success is the data feed.

In order to suit the needs of all types of clients, Novusbet provides in-house and external options of sports betting data. The first option, is an affordable and customisable option that covers about 10,000 live events per month, creating superior odds compiling and trading solutions thanks to an internal team of real bookmakers and statistics modellers working from Serbia. The second option is getting the data feed with BetRadar, a very well-known provider around the world, with which we partner.

Maximise your opportunities with NovusCore

In today’s tech-savvy world, mobile channels are exponentially increasing in the betting markets. More than 90% of players use their mobile devices as they can easily play anywhere and in a short period of time; becoming a betting clincher for the World’s Biggest Sporting event.

For this reason, we developed an optimised simple and user-friendly HTML5-based platform with our newest front-end technology, NovusCore. With 11 various visualisation possibilities, it gives operators greater control over the website’s appearance. All these customisation choices are based on market demands and provide differentiation, such as our skin builder. Moreover, thanks to our light version of our platform just for mobile, which works exactly like the original version but without graphics, we allow users in countries with slow internet connections to enjoy the experience without any delay.

Don’t wait another 4 years to score your success! Contact us.