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Sports Summer Season 2024: What to expect

If you're an operator looking to gain market share in Brazil or solidify your presence, the upcoming summer season can be your golden opportunity, as long as you ensure your platform is ready for what’s to come.

Beyond the Olympics in Paris, there are a number of major sporting events coming up that operators need to consider if they want to generate as much revenue as possible this summer. At Novusbet, we ensure our operators attract and retain a wide audience with over 50 sports. But do you know exactly which sports you should be focusing on?

Sports to watch out this summer

  • Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world of betting, especially in Brazil. Make sure your platform features major events such as the Champions League Final (1 June), Euro 2024 (14 June - 14 July) and Copa América 2024 (20 June - 14 July).
  • Tennis will be a hit this summer with the prestigious Wimbledon tournament happening between 1 and 14 July and the US Open Tennis starting on 26 August.
  • Basketball fans will be eagerly following the NBA Finals in June and, of course, the Olympics held throughout July and August.
  • Motorsports enthusiasts will be thrilled with over 30 high-speed events during this summer like the Monaco Grand Prix (24-26 May), the 24 Hours of Le Mans (15 - 16 June), and upcoming MotoGP and Formula 1 races.

Why real-life sports matter for casino operators

During major sports events, many casinos see their numbers drop by up to 20%. However, data shows that the highest retention rates are among those that combine sports betting with fast casino games. This is because sports events create a buzz that captures wide attention, bringing in both avid sports fans and casual viewers who may also engage in casino games.

So don’t be left behind and prepare your platform effectively. Combining sports with casino games will help you maximise the upcoming sports season. Novusbet’s operators ensure they stay ahead of the competition with over 130,000 live and pre-recorded events and access to 10,000 casino games.

How to know if you are all geared up for the season

1. Your Sportsbook is updated:Including all major events and offering a wide range of betting options. At Novusbet, we’ve found that some of the most popular features among the Brazilian market are Bore Draw, 2 Goal Lead and Boosted Odds, among others. Do you have them available?

2. You know which events to promote: Plan targeted marketing campaigns to highlight the upcoming events that will attract bettors to your platform.

3. User experience is not left behind: Your platform provides live updates, in-play betting options and real-time data on your platform. Tip: Ensure your platform has functions like 1-Click Bet, Bet Builder or Bet Insurance. Contact our expert Operations Manager, Cosimo Suppa, for an in-depth knowledge of these features.

4. Got promotions in mind: Offer special promotions or bonuses for bets placed on these major events to incentivise users. Gamification tools at Novusbet, including tournaments and missions, are a star product – make sure to keep them in your offer!

Lost on how to get out the most of these major events or need assistance in planning the best strategy to grow your business for real? Send us an email now and our team will assist you.