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Published on Apr 16, 2021


Online vs. Retail betting: Main differences

Betting in person or placing the bets online are two options that keep fighting due to their differences.

There are traces of betting even before the First World War. A traditional leisure activity that makes important amounts of money for Governments and operators, and entertains players around the world with sports betting services, casino games, virtual sports, and others.

Betting in person or placing the bets online are two options that keep fighting due to their differences. And, no matter how technology makes online betting grow, the classic brick and mortar casinos will always have something to say.

Which platform do players prefer and what are their main differences?


This is the origin of betting, and classics never lose their power. Always trendy, offline casinos and betting shops have experienced a challenging 2020, but will definitely be back stronger, with new cashiers, POS, self-service terminals, and resources to engage players and respect the health-protection conditions.

Despite the convenience of online betting, brick and mortar casinos and betting shops still are chosen by many players around the world, who prefer in-person betting to feel the environment, have better control of their bets, receive immediate winnings, and share opinions and emotions with others.

In fact, offline casinos are an important attraction for tourists wanting to have fun during their nights visiting a different country, in an environment of elegance and nightlights. This is why casinos are often accompanied by top-quality hotels, restaurants and shops, being a complete activity for tourists.


This modality of gambling appeared thanks to the invention of the Internet, and it increases every year due to some aspects like technology improvements.

Last year, the global lockdown and the closure of several casinos and betting shops boosted online betting even more. People couldn’t leave their homes, and most of the countries had retail closed for months. So, players started to play more from home.

Both in the desktop and mobile modality, the global online gambling market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.94% between 2020 and 20251, as people are getting more and more used to these comfortable and easy platforms.

Available anywhere and anytime, online sportsbooks also have other advantages apart from this convenience, such as a wider portfolio of sports and betting markets, promotional offers, interesting features, and so on. And everything, as we mentioned, without leaving your couch!

So, a challenging year and some months of recovery still to come, but no matter what kind of business do you have, Novusbet is your all-in-one solution provider.