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Novusbet embraces industry innovation through strategic partnership with Flows

We're delighted to announce that Novusbet, leading Sportsbook part of Softquo’s holding companies, is signing an exciting partnership with Flows, the pioneering no-code automation platform.

This strategic alliance marks a significant step towards revolutionising our Sportsbook services and enhancing our customer-centric approach.

In joining forces with Flows, Novusbet will be able to offer an even more efficient, personalised betting experience. This partnership provides us with the agility to innovate swiftly, respond rapidly to emerging trends, and cater more effectively to customer demands, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

This new deal signifies our mutual commitment to driving industry innovation, creating a seamless user experience, and placing customers at the heart of our operations. Thanks to this alliance Novusbet’s customers will enjoy more personalised campaigns, promotions, and betting options without being constrained by complex technical procedures.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Novusbet, a leading Sportsbook and platform provider. This collaboration showcases the trust and confidence Novusbet has placed in Flows’ no-code automation platform. It’s an exciting opportunity to empower Novusbet with the ability to build features and applications effortlessly without the need for code. By leveraging Flows’ innovative automation technology, Novusbet can drive innovation and enhance operational efficiency, resulting in significant time and cost savings. We are excited about the prospects of this partnership and look forward to seeing how Novusbet utilises our technology to engage its customers and drive a competitive edge within the industry.”

Domenico Mazzola, Director of Sales at Flows.

“With great enthusiasm, I announce our partnership with Flow’s remarkable no-code automation platform. This collaboration epitomises the trust and confidence we have placed in Flows, empowering our companies to effortlessly construct remarkable features and applications without the constraints of code. Leveraging Flow’s cutting-edge automation technology, we unlock a world of innovation and operational efficiency, saving precious time and resources. This partnership holds immense potential, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing how we will use it combined with Novusbet and Xpress Tech platform to captivate our customers and gain a competitive edge in our industry.”

Simone Suppa, Managing Director at Novusbet.

About Flows

Flows is an innovation no code integration and innovation platform that enables iGaming companies to easily automate their digital processes, build digital features, and produce applications. With Flows, organisations have more ownership of their product roadmaps, can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real time.

About Novusbet

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