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Complete data feed offer

Have you ever wondered where the Novusbet data feed comes from? We offer both in-house and external industry-leading options so you can choose the one that better suits your business.

Novusbet’s sportsbook is a powerful, cost-effective betting solution, and one of the main reasons for its success is the data feed.

The importance of a good, reliable odds feed does not go unnoticed for customers, who frequently ask where the data feed comes from. Because, at the end, odds are what really matter!

Novusbet offers in-house and external industry-leading options of sports betting data providers, to cover the needs of all types of clients.

Keep reading and find the one that suits your business better!

In-House data feed

Novusbet has its own data feed service for live games.

With an in-house team of real bookmakers and statistic modelers, they cover around 10,000 live events per month in a normal season, creating superior odds compiling and trading solutions, and offering an affordable option for your betting company that you can adjust and customise while reducing operational costs.

This service includes Pre-Match and In-Play options, both proved to be accurate, stable, and well-structured.

Novusbet own data feed tends to be preferred by companies with a reduced budget and/or willing to operate in Latin American and Balkan countries.


There is a very good relationship between Betradar and Novusbet. Novusbet offers Betradar’s Managed Trading Services (MTS) feed, which covers 700 markets and more than 40,000 events per month.

BetRadar is well-known around the world and specially preferred by our clients in Africa.

MTS is a reliable, flexible, and efficient sportsbook management solution to suit everyone’s needs while improving operational performances and reducing risks.

Both companies will help your profits keep rising. Contact Novusbet and maximise your turnover!